Do You Have Identity Theft Protection and a Cyber Security Plan In Place?

With the recent Equifax breach, can you afford to have your employees take 600 hours away from work (that’s 15 weeks) to fix their Identity if it’s stolen?

Do you have a plan in place in case your employees or business became the target of a phishing attack or a ransom ware attack?

If you’re like most small businesses, you couldn’t afford to have just one KEY employee become a victim of Identity Theft and be able to keep running your business efficiently. And ID Watchdog Privacy Matters quotes two different sources in saying that it takes on average 600 hours over a period of years to restore your Identity yourself! And if a malicious virus or ransom ware attack occurred with your office computers, you could be pretty close to “OUT OF BUSINESS”. With 44 percent of Americans affected by the Equifax fiasco, odds are you may be faced with this harsh reality!  Do you know if you personally have been affected by having that information stolen, maybe even yours? First things first, check here for the official site for finding out if your personal info has been a part of this – click here! If you have been, here’s a link to help you find a way to protect yourself and your employees.

We’ve been helping with these issues for over ten years!

Now that I have your attention again, you need to know this. While the ID Theft methods keep changing, the issues are still the same. It’s a faceless crime that has personal and legal ramifications for you, your company, and your employees.

There are solutions to help you when you become a victim of ID Theft or ransom ware, and you’ll have the best investigators and attorneys to restore your or your employee’s life back to normal and keep you and your employees productive at work.

We offer solutions that can be customized to the needs of your business that are affordable and dependable. What you see and hear advertised isn’t necessarily the best choice when you have a data breech or an Identity Theft situation. We’ll show you in black and white what the differences are.

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