Lifelock has great ads, but they got problems with the Feds!

Apparently the Federal Trade Commission thinks poorly of the messages that highly advertised Lifelock has been airing for several years, and they also think they’ve misled customers….. not once, but twice, and the fines keep getting BIGGER. The first run-in was back in 2010 according to this official FTC press release…..(details, click here).  Then the numbers of the fine got really BIG a five years later, because after paying the FTC 12MILLION dollars the first time around with the 2010 decree.

ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars was the number ordered paid by LifeLock for not complying with that expensive 2010 order “that requires the company to secure consumers’ personal information and prohibits the company from deceptive advertising.  This is the largest monetary award obtained by the Commission in an order enforcement action.” <-emphasis added by me, (click here for the details).

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Mark Barron

Mark is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) since 2005, and stays current with the new directions it is going as well as the long time threats in ID Theft and new and efficient methods to combat this threat that can personally affect you, your employees, and family. Starting in 1993, he has built, serviced and maintained along with his trusted associates, computer systems and is up to date with the latest in criminal attempts to get into your computers and how to defend against those breaches. Even with all this preventative experience Mark has, he and his associates in both ID Theft and Cyber Security know there is no 100% sure method to prevent ALL attacks. Because of that, Mark and his team offer training and solutions when the inevitable happens. If you need help in either area, you'll want to talk to Mark Barron immediately.

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