For Free Antivirus Software – Check This List

If you have a one or two Windows Based computers in your office, you may be okay with free antivirus software.  Anymore than that and you should probably fork over a couple of bucks and get a paid subscription.  These are mainly for home office, small office, or just home use, but for years the techs I work with and I have had no problems with these. My favorite is in this list, just not ranked number one because it doesn’t do the “bonus: vulnerability scan”.  But I have used it and other variations for years and I have been fortunate. My team and I also have suite of software we recommend and will install on computers to keep them running clean, fast, and as much as possible, virus free.  We also conduct Cyber Security audits and staff training to help companies avoid problems that can be caused when a computer user is not aware of the dangers they confront on a daily basis!

Anyway, the list of free software for best antivirus in 2017 is found here on the PC Magazine website. The only annoyance on this page is they may drop an ad on top of the list trying to get you to sign up for an email they offer. If you want it, find, just put in your email address, if not click on no thanks. I respect PC Magazine for their editorial opinions and have for years. If you haven’t already, find out the best by clicking here.  Good luck and we’ll post more tips to protect you and help you grow your business as we come across them!

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Mark Barron

Mark is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) since 2005, and stays current with the new directions it is going as well as the long time threats in ID Theft and new and efficient methods to combat this threat that can personally affect you, your employees, and family. Starting in 1993, he has built, serviced and maintained along with his trusted associates, computer systems and is up to date with the latest in criminal attempts to get into your computers and how to defend against those breaches. Even with all this preventative experience Mark has, he and his associates in both ID Theft and Cyber Security know there is no 100% sure method to prevent ALL attacks. Because of that, Mark and his team offer training and solutions when the inevitable happens. If you need help in either area, you'll want to talk to Mark Barron immediately.

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