ID Theft is more than your credit

Mention identity theft and most folks start talking about their credit score or credit cards or their bank accounts, and then move on to talking about something else.  If this is all you think ID theft is, read on as we look at the other four forms of identity theft that don’t involve your credit or your bank account, but can result in some serious problems for you.

Social Security ID Theft

This one involves the use of your social security number to get a job, utilities turned on, the ability to get a drivers license. This one is the big one, long term, in my opinion. It really is the gateway to most other areas of this crime.  It can also cause some problems for you if your social is stolen and used by someone to file a tax return.  Time comes for you to file your return and you are hoping for either a refund or maybe just to break even and instead you get a letter from the IRS informing you that you have already filed a return.  Not a good situation for you.  Or you may file your tax return and get audited because you didn’t list all the W-2 income that Uncle Sam shows you have.  You may not have worked dozens of other jobs, because it’s physically impossible, but all things are possible with the revenuers! So those are just a couple of ways have your social security number stolen can hurt you. There is one more note of bad news here: if you are the victim of SS ID theft, it will almost take an act of congress to get a new social security number, so you really have a problem on your hands.

Driver’s license ID Theft

This one is usually combined with social security identity theft. Why would someone want your drivers license number? Well… if they are here illegally, they will need one to drive and to use as identification and don’t forget there are people out there with multiple DUIs or DWIs that have to drive to work and also to bars without having a problem if they are pulled over.  Although those people CAN end up messing up and not going to court on tickets in your name or for misdemeanors and felonies committed while driving and then down the road we could be talking about some unexpected problems for you. But we’ll talk about that a little later on.

Medical ID Theft

Now this one is tricky. There are many reasons that someone would need your medical ID…. maybe they can’t afford insurance, but they need to go to the doctor. Maybe they want to have surgery performed and they don’t want anyone to know they’ve had it.  Elective surgery, or maybe if the surgery appeared on their Medical Information Bureau report, it could affect whether or not they could get life insurance or apply for certain types of jobs.  There’s lots of reasons, but this really could be a deadly form of ID theft for YOU.  Let’s use a possible scenario that you may be able to relate to.  Let’s say that your medical ID has been stolen by someone who has type 1 diabetes and they need to use YOUR insurance to get needed supplies to live because they can’t afford health insurance and can barely make the co-pay. Well you and I can feel sorry for them because they have a need, but back to you.  In this example you are in good health and on no medications. Let’s say that you are in a car wreck and are brought to the emergency room unconscious.  When your medical history is pulled up it says you are a type 1 diabetic. If you get an insulin shot and you are in perfect health, you might find yourself assuming room temperature because of this ID theft.

Financial ID Theft

The one everybody is familiar with. While we mentioned it at the beginning of this article, I did want to mention it once again. While it is one of the largest forms of ID theft, it is also the one that is being addressed the fastest by the government, good news for you.  If you are a victim of financial identity theft, it can be a red flag that will alert you to start looking for the other four forms of ID theft.

ID Theft Protection

While no product can stop or even find all identity theft, you need to have a good program in place, and our choice is IDShield powered by Kroll combined with LegalShield.  About 70% of all identity theft restorations will need the involvement of attorneys and that is why these to companies have teamed up to provide this coverage.  I do get compensated if you buy through this link, but I own it and I hope that you will too by going to this link for the combo of the two products (ID and legal help) or if you just want ID Theft protect and want the best, go to this link.


About the Author

Mark Barron

Mark is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) since 2005, and stays current with the new directions it is going as well as the long time threats in ID Theft and new and efficient methods to combat this threat that can personally affect you, your employees, and family. Starting in 1993, he has built, serviced and maintained along with his trusted associates, computer systems and is up to date with the latest in criminal attempts to get into your computers and how to defend against those breaches. Even with all this preventative experience Mark has, he and his associates in both ID Theft and Cyber Security know there is no 100% sure method to prevent ALL attacks. Because of that, Mark and his team offer training and solutions when the inevitable happens. If you need help in either area, you'll want to talk to Mark Barron immediately.

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