Our Info

Mark Barron has been a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) since 2005. He has worked with many individuals and businesses in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri to give them the piece of mind of knowing they are doing all they can do to protect themselves from this crime.

Offering ID Theft lunch and learn programs, and other forums that are informal and allow people to get questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere, he happily helps companies, civic groups, churches and others stay up to date on the constantly growing threat.

Since 1993 Mark has been involved in the building, securing, and protection of computers and along with his team, have put together Cyber Security programs for companies and provided training in a relaxed and fun way for you and your employees.

For information on having Mark do a ID Theft and or a Cyber Security program for your group or company, you can easily contact him at markbarronmarketing@gmail.com or call him at 417-231-0053.